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Our IT consultants are tops in the business, specializing in, Java, Visual C++, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Active Server Pages, HTML/DHTML, Microsoft .NET, COM/COM+/DCOM, ActiveX, XML, Servlets, EJB, Java Server Pages, SQL Server 7/2000, Oracle, Windows NT/2000, Internet Information Server 4/5, SSL, Crystal Reports, InstallShield, and more!
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Custom Application Development Services provides your business a tailored solution that will streamline your systems and optimize the products you provide your clients.

Datanomics knows that each company has its own unique methodology and approach to business practice therefore necessitating a distinctive solution. The market is flooded with generic packages offering nothing more than cookie cutter applications that only superficially address your business needs. Datanomics will deliver a solution quickly, accurately, and efficiently developed specifically based on your business requirements.

Datanomics' Custom Application Development process begins with our Senior Management Team designing high-level strategic plans encompassing the full scope of the project. Experienced Team Leaders, with proven success in their respective discipline, engage and closely manage each stage of the project lifecycle. Our Rapid Application Development Methodology, with its "Proof of Concept" approach, achieves low-risk/high-return results with time being leveraged so there is little investment before seeing a pay-off. Expert analysts, developers and testers meticulously carry out development through post-implementation stages to guarantee an unparalleled solution.

Think fast and maximize talent. Focus on core/critical skills. Blueprint for success. Whatever your technology needs, we can help.
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